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The possibilities.

The possibilities are infinite with Brisk-Kumet.
We have a big knowledge in many parts of the industry because our worldwide network.
Besides that we have a number of professional engineers employed.
Never having to decline a sale is our challenge.

Every single product that is made by us, is ‘tailor made’, that means that it is made especially for that customer.

Some examples:
- aluminium grog, profiles and other parts.
- little metal parts, sprayed with synthetics is possible.
- copper elements.
- synthetic products for domestic, horticulture, telephone industry, industry and for example design.
- 2K synthetics like hand tools, toothbrushes etc.

At first we make drawings with a CAD-cam, we will review them with you so we can make adjustments when necessary.

A moldflow analyse is possible as well. Moldflow is a program that uses CAD-files to simulate how the injection-moulding process will go. With this program parameters like injection pressure, mold temperature etc. are adjustable to optimise the process.