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The company.

Brisk-Kumet is an international organisation, our main activity is relieving the customer.
We take care of the complete production in many parts of the industry.
An other activity of our company is the search for more efficient solutions for already existing products that are often too expensive.
We are an easy accessible organisation which is founded by the thought that having one point, that is specialised in a sum of materials and services, would be a relief to the customer.

We are specialised in the materials:

- injection-moulding in synthetic material / injection-moulding in plastic
- 2K injection-moulding in synthetic material / 2K injection-moulding in plastic
- aluminium products/ profiles
- metal products
- copper

Other specific materials are possible.

With our passion for tailor-made industry is Brisk-Kumet the partner who understands your wishes.

We are able to help you with bigger as well as with smaller series.