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The advantages

We are also located in the Far-East and we have a range of services in Eastern Europe. Because of that Brisk-Kumet can react fast and accurately to the wishes of our market.
Because of the size of our network we can always adapt directly to the requests and that helps us to economize the time on a project.

The factories mentioned above are established in the industry centre of China with a Dutch supervision. Besides that we have a location, mainly for metal, in Czech.

Our objective is to treat every request equally. The fact is that no product can be compared to an other. The base of our company is to work with the of  "one stop shopping" principle.

These circumstances makes the survey ability for you as a customer much higher and that helps you to stay focused on the core-business in your company.

The possibilities are endless with assembly, printing, electronics and a flexible mentality.

The prices are more attractive for you but the service and quality are the same as on the European market.